Oak Launches new Control Package at Metalform 2007


From its display at the MetalForm’07 show, Oak Products unveiled its new control system developed for the critical demands of high speed press operation, stamping line management and monitoring. The Sturgis, MI-based manufacturer of high speed stamping presses says the control package is an intuitive unit that can simplify the procedures of press setup, production monitoring, tooling maintenance, and system diagnostics.

In addition, the new control system has the ability to manage auxiliary stamping line functions such as uncoiling equipment, feed units and lubrication systems all from a single command station, thus saving valuable floor space and facilitating operator convenience. This multiple functionality also saves costs by eliminating the need for redundant control units, and helps to speed the installation and integration process while limiting time for troubleshooting and debugging system’s operations. The new control can be used with all new Oak Products presses, and retrofitted to existing units, thereby establishing a common control platform that offers familiarity to operators throughout manufacturing/stamping company. The new control package offers a large TFT (thin-film transistor) color touch-screen display and interface that’s brighter and easier to read than conventional LCD output. In operation, the unit provides multiple interactive and easy-to-understand screen displays that help maximize press uptime by assisting operators/die setters through the setups and production procedures. An integral four point force monitoring system along with programmable high speed I/O points can be utilized to provide the operator with real time press tonnage feedback and tooling protection positions, helping to reduce or eliminate catastrophic tooling damage and to enhance product quality. For maximum flexibility of press and line utilization, the new control system offers up to 32 programmable electronic cams that also provide precise control of press functions and exacting synchronization of the press cycle to that of the operation of auxiliary line equipment.