Corporate Renaming


After more than 42 years being known as Oak Products, company officials have announced the firm’s renaming to Oak Press Solutions Inc. The new name presents a more descriptive designation of the company’s current product lines, technologies and services offered, and serves as a better forward to expanding market sectors and prospective customers.

Oak Press Solutions is headquartered in Sturgis, Michigan and manufactures high-speed presses and systems.

From multiple press technologies, material handling integration, and our new PRESSMART™ press line control package, to the collaborative efforts of our associate firm, Burr Oak Tool-- for die recommendations and construction-- we can provide our customers with a synergistic approach to today’s high-speed stamping applications and forming challenges. Oak Press Solutions Inc. manufactures high-speed presses featuring 30 thru 300-Ton capacities and speeds of up to 1,500 strokes per minute, plus provides complete system integration services. Oak systems are used in the HVAC industry, in electrical components and lamination manufacturing, tube sheets, perforations, bottle cap production, closure operations and in a variety of jobs requiring both high precision and high speed.