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High speed battery punching systems

Designed to match your requirements

OAK Press Solutions is pleased to offer high speed battery grid punching systems.With custom tooling designed and manufactured at our sister company, Burr Oak Tool, we can provide full border grid production systems to meet the most demanding applications.

Oak Press Advantages


  • pgp300Turn-Key Integration: 
    • The entire system will be setup and tested at OAK prior to shipping.
  • High Speed Production: 
    • SLI applications run at 36 m/min or 500 grids per minute.
  • One Tool Multiple Applications: 
    • One OAK tool can process various alloys from near pure lead to high Calcium lead.
    • One OAK tool can process different material thicknesses. 1mm difference from min. to max.
    • One OAK tool can be easily reconfigured, in the field, for different grid heights and lug locations.
    • Support: 
      • The global reach of the OAK companies ensures quick response to your needs.
    • Experience: 
      • With multiple punching systems installed and operating, OAK has a proven track record.

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