Oak presses are in use around the world in a variety of lamination applications.

LP Series: 30-300 tons, Speeds up to 400 SPM


LP presses feature heavy duty cast iron frame construction for superior attenuation of shock and vibration.


  • The patented Scotch Yoke slide of the LP series press includes a total of twelve (12) preloaded roller bearing assemblies.
    • Eight (8) bearing assemblies are installed near the material pass line to ensure the lateral positioning of the slide.
    • Four (4) additional bearing assemblies are installed above the drive shaft to counteract the effects of tipping forces created by tooling.

Hydraulic Withdrawal              web-video-icon.png - 3.48 Kb

  • The LP Series provides up to 12 inches of slide lift which greatly simplifies.
    • Material Lacing. (you can open die area without effecting shut height settings)
    • Tooling Inspection & Maintenance.
    • Replace tooling sections without removing die from press. (less downtime)

“Stuck-on-bottom” recovery: 

  • Powerful hydraulic withdrawal system can "unstick" even severe jambs.
  • No need to “bar” the press, reverse the drive motor, or loosen tie rods.
  • Recover from slide stalls in seconds instead of hours.

Quick Change tooling 

  • Withdrawal system powerful enough to lift the entire die set off the bolster.