PP-1A Series

Single-Point C-Frame Press

30 to 45 Tons

Up to 1000 SPM

The PP-1A series press from OAK is constructed with the same attention to detail as our higher tonnage presses. The heavy-duty unitized cast frame assures maximum vibration dampening and minimal deflection. The unique design of this press allows you to run your products from front to back or left to right. The extra deep throat gives you unparalleled setup flexibility.

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Design Features

Guide System

The slide guidance systems incorporate anti-friction roller bearings installed with zero clearance. This gives the slide a very high degree of accuracy for higher quality parts and longer tool life.

Hydraulic Withdrawal                web-video-icon.png - 3.48 Kb

The patented system will give you up to 3 inches of die separation without affecting shutheight adjustment, simplifying die inspection and tool maintenance.

Quick Die Change

The hydraulic withdrawl system has a lifting capacity of 9,000 lbs. allowing you to pick up your die off the bolster and simply remove it with a fork truck.

Stuck-on-Bottom Recovery

The hydraulic withdrawl system allows you to raise the slide independent of position. This system makes it impossible to stick the press on bottom dead center.

Automatic Lubrication System

The automatic lubrication system incorporates fault detection for low lube levels and lube-point blockage. This guarantees proper lubrication to all system components.